This item is a Height up Edition included a Basic Edition and a height upping add-on kit.

Add Height up kit on Pedal Mount PEIN to create a gaming experience more similar to GT racing position.


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Do you have to use your regular desk and office chair when you play a video game?

If yes, PEIN's Pedal Mount is recommended for you, To fix all of your gaming pedals issues.


PEIN's Pedal Mount is a device that is meant to keep your pedals at a set distance from your chair as well as tilt the pedals to a more comfortable angle that suits you.


We are sure PEIN's Pedal Mount will solve problems you've struggled with ever since you bought your pedals. With Pedal Mount the pedals perform the way they were meant to, they don't move and they don't tip over. And then you can push the pedals as hard as you like and they will stay put.


Pedal Mount works exactly as described and it is very sturdy when assembled. Once the chair is in the U-profile the pedals will not move, neither forwards, backwards nor sideways. The angle adjustment works just as it's supposed to and while perhaps making your pedal use slightly less realistic it can help a lot with comfort after long hours of play, depending on pedal type and game of course. The mount works just as well without the angle adjustment.


Assembling the mount is easy and adjusting it for your taste is straight forward. There aren't any quick latches or similar, just standard bolts that you fasten with the included allen key.


Pedal Mount will fit almost all pedals on the market. The cross-rails for mounting pedal are very configurable and can be put in almost any position.


Pedal Mount doesn't take up a lot of space. The extension frames connecting to the chair can be folded up which reduces the footprint considerably when stowed. When fully disassembled it's extremely compact.


The Pedal Mount also can be configured to equip various additional options.

  • Height upping add-on (now purchasable on this on-line mall)
  • Reverse kit add-on (design completed, now on progress of producing prototypes)
  • Center-stick mount for flight sim game (completed 60% design of the center-stick mount and now on progress of producing extension pole prototypes for center-stick)
  • Additional brackets or add-on for user's requests


You also can do DIY easily with extra screw taps and bolt holes in various parts of products.


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PEIN's Pedal Mount (Height up Edition. free shipping)

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