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About PEIN

PEIN Gear Mount series are made with more than 10 years' practical know-how in Korea.

Korean gamer are very picky about to choose the gaming environment, but we have been meeting their needs for over a decade. They have been satisfied with our flexible design and totally stability.


Make the game a reality.

PEIN Gear Mount means you are in the best position to make you feel as if you were sitting in a real cockpit.

Equipment in the correct position will make you feel like you are in a real situation.


Make your surroundings comfortable.

PEIN Gear Mount means you are in the clean and fixed environment  that won't interfere with the game.

Let your big appliances get away from your desk and move them to the optimal place.

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Voices of Korean Customers


jens: J-PEIN customer

When I opened the package, I had great confidence in the product.

It was like looking at a really well-made American product. (The weight and robustness reminded me of P-47.)


GreenShark: 16-PEIN customerr 

“Superb Wheel mount cockpit, casual but exact way. That's pretty bang for the buck.”


sobu: J-PEIN customer

“It is very firmly anchored. Therefore, if you hold and shake the joystick, the J-PEIN will never be shaken. Rather, the desk shakes.”

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