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Jan 1

A simpit issue for HOTAS

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ddrake1984's suggestion

well.. I am now curious.. I have someone in mind already to build me a pit, but if the price is right and the customisation options are there..I need a simpit where I can use dual joystick and throttle at the same time - while still have the keyboard extend and retract as needed, also want to be able to switch the right hand joystick for a mousepad at the right height levelI also want the ability to mount either a MongoosT-50 or VKB Gunfighter in center stick position.either the seat needs to be adjustable (height/depth) and maybe tilt? but I can accept either, so long as the pedal tray is height/depth and tilt adjustablejoysticks/throttle/mouse needs to be height adjustable (not static) and maybe depth adjustable, if the seat cannot movepedal tray/frame needs to accomodate very wide pedals (i.e. Slaw RX Viper)and I would like detachable mounting options for extra tablets/screens and boom micmaybe even mounting option for VR sensorsI am very pickyunfortunately, all this does not come cheap

I will update I fly mostly space simulation games and IL-2 Sturmovik HOSAS Options Space simulations require dual joystick (HOSAS) Having the ability to mount either 2 x Virpil MongoosT-50 or 2 x VKB Gunfighter Mk2 gimbals (as these are what I currently have),I have dimensions if required of both. I would need the joysticks to be height adjustable, depth adjustable and width adjustable in position beside the chair. this would offer supreme comfort for me as everyone is different height and arm lengths.


Keyboard Mouse Options

Due to keyboards and mouse being needed for other tasks in games, I would need the keyboard to be accessible when in flight - however if it could be retractable (forward/backward) so I can get in and out of the cockpit, this would be ideal. having a hard mouse pad mount beside the right hand stick would also be good for me.


Pedals Options

Pedals would need to be able to fit all types of pedals, including the very large base ones (like the Slaw RX Viper)

Having the ability to choose the position would be best, Height / Depth and Tilt function would be needed. this would also offer supreme comfort for me as everyone is different height and leg lengths.


Chair Options

It would be good to have a chair that is not like a car racing chair. the reason for this is the bolsters get in the way of arm movements for the joysticks and throttle. having a chair with a flat back that is comfortable is all that is needed. height adjustment would be great also.


HOTAS Options

Flight Simulations require a joystick and throttle (HOTAS)

Ideally I would like a center mount option for my joystick (either Virpil MongoosT-50 or VKB Gunfighter) with a throttle to one side (for me it would be the left).

Once again, having the customization options of location and placement of both would be best design.

In this configuration, having a keyboard off to the front right would keep it in easy access without getting in the way of the joystick or throttle.


HOTASAS Option + MFD / Tablet

For the best and ultimate setup - I would personally drool over the opportunity to have everything connected.

Throttle to the extreme left, joystick next to that, keyboard in the middle, joystick to the right, mouse next to that.

MFD or Tablets in front with the keyboard.

This would be the best possible setup for a game like Star Citizen and would appeal to the Star Citizen fans.

This is the ultimate dream, but also the hardest ergonomics wise.


I know this is achievable and I look forward to seeing what you can make