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Should I use a regular desk and office chair to play video games?

If so, I recommend using PEIN's pedal mounts to solve all your gaming pedal issues.


The PEIN Gear Mount's Pedal Mount is a device that allows you to keep the pedal a certain distance from the chair and tilt the pedal to a more comfortable angle.


We are confident that PEIN Gear Mount's pedal mount will solve the problem you've been struggling with since buying a gaming pedal. The pedal mount gives you complete control over whether the gaming pedal slides forward or the chair slides back.


The pedal mount is very sturdy after assembly. Putting office chair wheels on the U-profile prevents the pedals from moving forward, backward, or sideways under your weight.

PEIN Gear Mount's pedal mount can be optimized for the user's body by adjusting the angle and adjusting the front and rear spacing.

Almost all gaming pedals on the market are compatible with pedal mounts.

It is designed so that you will not get tired even after playing for a long time.

By scanning the QR code printed on the box, you can assemble the pedal mount and install the gaming pedal while watching the video.

Angle adjustment according to the user's body, front and rear adjustment, game pedal position adjustment, etc. can be adjusted in detail with the included L wrench.

The pedal mount doesn't take up much space. The extension frame that connects to the chair can be pushed forward, greatly reducing the installation space. When fully disassembled, it is very compact.


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Some reviews of customers


A simple review from AUS

I recently ordered the basic Pein Pedal Mount and I wanted to say thanks for making an amazing product! The packaging was very compact but once assembled its super sturdy with no flex and folds away very neatly.

Its a simple, minimal solution to the problem of having a sim rig setup with a regular office chair.

I also appreciate the low cost without overcharging for shipping

(happens a lot when shipping to Australia!)

(If you want to use any of this as a quote/testimonial I'm happy to do so, but please put my name as 'B. Ferns' rather than full name.)

PEIN Pedal Mount (Upgrade) Free shipping worldwide.

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